ENERGYbits® Algae Products

Wellness is not only achievable, it is fast, easy, and natural with algae.

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Why do you need Algae products?

Spirulina algae tablets are a plant-based source of nutrition that will help keep you feeling your best. ENERGYbits® will stop your cravings, improve your focus, and give you a steady stream of energy throughout the day.

Algae is desperately needed because our world is toxic, our oceans are polluted, our soil is lifeless, our food is inflammatory, our drug use is escalating, our mental health is suffering and our chronic disease is skyrocketing. We are so undernourished and full of toxins, our bodies/brains aren’t functioning optimally. Scientists are referring to this as The Great Nutrient Collapse . If we are to survive, something has to change.

Algae tablets can help. Algae is the highest-protein, highest-chlorophyll, most nutrient-dense, sustainable super-food in the world. It effortlessly and instantly nourishes the body and brain, removes toxins, improves immune health, and helps prevent chronic disease. Algae is also the most scientifically studied food in the world.

ENERGYbits Algae Products
ENERGYbits Algae Products
Spirulina and Chlorella

Food For The Future

Not all algae is created equal. ENERGYbits® takes pride in sharing the highest quality algae. ENERGYbits® uses only the highest quality strains of spirulina and chlorella so the tablets contain the highest nutrient density available. The quality control is extensive, including ISO 9000 certification, GMP certification, and FDA-approved lab testing for purity.

You may be unfamiliar with algae but it isn’t new. Algae is a multi-billion-dollar agricultural crop in Asia where it has been used daily for fifty years. Algae is also endorsed by NASA as the most nutrient-dense food in the world and by the United Nations as the answer to world hunger (it has the highest protein in the world – 3 x steak). But algae does far more than feed your body and stop hunger.

ENERGYbits® algae tablets are nutrient-dense “bits of food” that can replace supplements, snacks, protein, vegetables, or even meals. One ingredient, forty nutrients, keto, vegan, raw, and third party tested our “bits” are safe for all ages from children to teens and grandparents. Pets love them too. 

ENERGYbits® makes nutrition fast and easy so you can effortlessly feed your body, fuel your brain and protect your health.

Nutrient Profiles

There is an amazing amount of nutrition in spirulina and chlorella. NASA even grows spirulina to be used as a nutritionally dense source of food for astronauts in space! While both are very nutritious, spirulina and chlorella do have different nutrient profiles as shown below.