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Mindful Minerals is not just another trendy beauty brand with a cool name. Mindful Minerals (mi) is redefining skin ‘care’ one product at a time by replacing toxic ingredients in our everyday products with life-essential minerals. With our grassroots efforts over the past decade, mi has been embraced by thousands of skincare professionals helping their clients make healthier choices in the products they use every day.

Now you can become a part of the cause and positively improve your community by offering education and product choices that are safer for all. These amazing Dead Sea Mud Products are available in Spring Hill! You can buy Mindful Minerals at our office.

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penetration through the skin layer

Transdermal vs. Topical

What makes Mindful Minerals’ formulas so effective is the innate nature of the product’s minerals to penetrate deeply into the body (transdermal) through the skin delivering real, long-lasting results.  Topical products (most cosmetic and skincare products) are formulated to affect the skin itself without intended ingredients reaching the bloodstream. Only transdermal formulations are designed to penetrate through the skin layer and exert their effects on deeper or more distant tissues.

Proper Cleansing

Advanced Face Skincare with Mindful Minerals

Humans are drawn to beauty! One of the most noticeable features of our image is our faces. Our faces are one of those features that we have no control over how they would turn out as they were predefined by our genes, yet they are almost the only thing that stays even better than our names in someone’s memory.

From the smallest mole to scars and hyperpigmentations, one’s face contains their history and the state of their body. Not only that, but you could also understand how much they care about themselves just by the state of their skin.

How we choose to take care and alter our image all depends on us. Just like we spend time and money on nice clothes! it’s important we make an extra effort in taking care of our faces above anything else! In order to do that, the easiest yet the most neglected step to take in order to achieve our Best Face is proper cleansing.

Mindful Minerals in Spring Hill
Dead Sea Mud Products in Spring Hill
benefits of the Dead Sea Mud

Ideal Facial Cleanser For All Skin Types

Many companies have launched several face cleansers but very few sell clean mineral base cleansers!  Considering the massive amount of products on the market and the possibility of getting lost, we decided to compare our Mineral Cleanser with 4 of the most popular products in the market, and used the EWG to rank the toxicity of the ingredients!

Keep your skin healthy and happy! Mi One For All Mud Face-Wash is an ideal facial cleanser for all skin types.  

This sodium laurel sulfate-free cleanser is packed with natural and organic botanicals and dead sea minerals to cleanse, hydrate and condition the skin.

Get the benefits of the Dead Sea Mud in a daily cleanser! The Dead Sea Mud is truly nature’s cleanser, gently removing dirt and oil while conditioning the skin.  Combined with a gentle surfactant, MudFace Cleanser contains Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid derived from fruit extracts, and sugar cane that promote cell-turnover. 

This process helps heal acne, increase natural collagen production and fade hyperpigmentation at the same time! MudFace’s Dead Sea mud contains natural acne and rosacea bacteria killing minerals and is free from harmful sulfates, and endocrine disrupting parabens and phthalates hidden in fragrance and known to cause reproductive development damage. 

This natural acne-fighting daily cleanser gives families a safer alternative to over-the counter topicals like benzoyl peroxide (known to be a tumor promoter) or dangerous prescription acne drugs like Accutane.  Hydrates While Cleansing Removes Makeup Heals Acne & Rosacea Deep Cleans Pores 100% Natural SLS-Free.

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