Isolation Cryotherapy

Isolation Cryotherapy treatments are used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. It’s proven to be helpful for neck and back pain, arthritis, migraines, and many other conditions.

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Localized Cryotherapy

What is Isolation Cryotherapy?

Localized Cryotherapy is an isolated cold exposure therapy focused on any one specific area of pain or inflammation. Localized Cryotherapy makes use of identical nitrogen gas but the emphases are only on a particular area of the body instead of the whole body. This treatment can target many areas of the body that is suffering from acute pain, inflammation, and soreness/stiffness.

Unlike whole-body cryotherapy, which triggers an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response in the body, Spot Cryotherapy is comparable to “icing”, but is much more powerful and efficient. A Localized Cryotherapy session lasts only for 5 to 10 minutes which is very less than the old-styled icing technique used to treat acute pains. We check target areas for temperature before the treatment and continuously monitor it throughout the treatment. It allows us to make sure that the temperature of the target area has changed to the exact healing temperature.

Isolation cryotherapy helps reduce back pain
Isolation cryotherapy for neck and back pain, arthritis, migraines, and many other conditions.
Accelerate Recovery

How Does Localized Cryotherapy Work?

Cryogenically cold air, when applied to the body, penetrates deep into the layers of tissue, promoting a range of physiological responses that can have beneficial effects. It triggers vasoconstriction, causing blood vessels to narrow, which reduces inflammation and swelling in the treated area. This, in turn, leads to an increase in blood circulation once the body warms up again. As a result, cryotherapy can create a natural analgesic (pain-relief) effect and a significant reduction in muscle tension, offering relief and comfort to individuals experiencing various conditions.

Cryotherapy can target the following conditions:

  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • Heel pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Tennis/Golfers elbow
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hip pain
  • Migraines

Want to increase effect?

Localized cryotherapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment analogous to a concentrated ice pack. However, one can achieve maximum benefits when using localized treatments immediately after whole-body cryotherapy. Because the whole body treatment results in vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels), the isolated cold treatment can better treat the specific area of inflammation.

Clients frequently combine this treatment with whole-body cryotherapy to treat problem areas both from the “inside out” as well as from the “outside in”. As temperatures as low as -220 degrees F can be reached by our devices, a spot area treatment only needs to be conducted for about 5-10 minutes, with a benefit exceeding that of hours of icing.

Cryotherapy for back and neck pain