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How to improve your skin’s appearance, reduce inflammation, speed up recovery, reduce chronic pain, and even help with weight loss management?

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Health and Wellbeing

Red Light Therapy Benefits

We need sunlight for our health and wellbeing, especially the red light part of it during sunrise and sunset time. The health benefits of sunlight include generating the production of vitamin D, supporting bone health, lowering blood pressure, preventing disease, and promoting good mental health.

NASA, the United States’ space agency, has played a notable role in the development of red light therapy technology. Initially, this therapy emerged as a result of NASA’s research on plant growth in space. Scientists discovered that red LED lights could promote plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis. This breakthrough eventually led to the exploration of red light therapy’s potential benefits for human health.

New research is showing how shining red light on your head and brain cells may improve cognitive functions like memory and improve mood. Red light therapy can also help eliminate fatigue (partially by working to support the thyroid), support a balanced mood, and even help with depression and anxiety.

Unfortunately, our busy lifetime doesn’t allow us to get enough sunlight! Luckily, we have modern red light technology devices at Cryo-eeze Spring Hill to get you fulfilled your need for the important red light. Red light therapy is a natural way to help your body get the sunlight it needs.


How does Red Light Therapy work?

Red Light works by acting on the “power plant” in our body’s cells called mitochondria. It activates, heals, and energizes mitochondria – the engine of our cells! This is because light between 600 nm and 1000 nm stimulates a key copper enzyme in our cells. This inevitably results in more ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), or cellular energy, being produced.

With more energy, other cells can do their work more efficiently, such as:

  • Repairing skin
  • Boosting new cells growth
  • Enhancing skin rejuvenation
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Accelerating muscle recovery
  • Improving blood circulation
How we can help

Red Light Therapy Services in Cryo-eeze Spring Hill

We have several modern modalities available that are based on red light therapy. See more information below.