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Cryo-Eeze Spring Hill

Our Mission is to help individuals reach maximum performance results, reduce the potential need for pain medications, and increase the quality of life. At our Wellness and Recovery Center Cryo-eeze Spring Hill, we use an alternative holistic approach to handle pain management, speed up sport and injury recovery, improve skin conditions, boost health and so much more!

Cryo-eeze Spring Hill Recovery and Wellness Center


EEZE The Pain

Holistic Wellness Center in Spring Hill

“I’ve always wanted to help people. Help reduce their pain and dependency on medication. That’s why I opened Cryo-EEZE Spring Hill.”

David Christopher, the owner.
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We use red, LED, and infrared light technology, isolated and whole-body cryotherapy, compression therapy, HOCATT ozone sauna, salt therapy, and others. The main focus of the modalities is to reduce inflammation, improve pain management, boost energy, and speed up recovery in the first place.

Our Holistic Services In Spring Hill

Pain Management, Sports Recovery, Health Boost, and more

With our comprehensive array of cutting-edge holistic modalities, our clients have experienced a remarkable spectrum of benefits within a relatively short timeframe. These transformative therapies have enabled our clients to achieve:

  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Speed Up Recovery
  • Boost Health
  • Increase Performance
  • Remove Toxins
  • Improve skin conditions
  • Lose Weight

We are committed to helping our clients achieve these results and more, empowering them to live their best lives.

Whole Body Cryochamber at Cryo-eeze Spring Hill to reduce inflammation and improve pain management.

At Cryo-eeze Spring Hill, we are committed to providing our best services

Our EEZE Membership

Explore the advantages of our memberships by taking a look at our plans and pricing details on the Membership page. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price per session. Whether you’re looking for flexibility or long-term commitment, we have a membership option for you. Ready to start enjoying exclusive benefits?


Financing Available

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for your health and wellness needs for you, your entire family, and your pets. Use it to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance, and special financing options are available that you may not be able to get with other cards.

Learn more about how CareCredit’s financing options can help you manage your holistic wellness expenses. Follow the link below to calculate monthly payments and see if you are prequalified and apply for a CareCredit credit card in a few clicks.

Financing Available with Care Credit


What our clients say about us…

“I went in and got some compression done to my legs and hips and also tried out the Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy. I do strongman competitively and am always sore. After I went here not even 24 hours later and I feel brand new. Lovely staff as well!”


Gavin Harrelson, Spring Hill, FL


“I stopped in for red light therapy in the prism light pod. I’ve been reading about how helpful red light therapy is for speeding up healing and pain management and by the end of the treatment areas that were giving me trouble, I could feel were warm.”


J B, Spring Hill, FL


“Woohoooo!!! Took all of three whole body cryotherapy sessions, a total of 9 mins to relieve sciatica completely that doctors could not touch, even with epidural injections… thanks y’all, life officially changed!”


Kimmie Hughes, Spring Hill, FL

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